The force is strong in this one.

The Chapter 7 update for Star Wars Galaxies has been released and with it come a number of cool changes, including several all-new features and a bunch of class tweaks.

* Jedi now have a taunt ability called Force Enrage. This ability can only be used while in a stance. Force Enrage is granted at level 50.
* Force Enrage is an ability that adds hate from the target to the Jedi as a flat bonus that gets better as you level up. It will increase the hate amount two times from 50 to 90.
* Force Enrage can only be used if you are in one of the defensive stances.
* Force Enrage adds a hate over time to the creature you enrage. This will add small amounts of hate to the creature for 5 seconds.
* Force Enrage burns your cooldown if you are the top hated player, so don't use it unless you are sure you no longer have aggro.
* A red X indicates if you are out of range for the Force Enrage ability.
* Jedi passively adjust their aggro generation gain based on whether they are in a stance or focus. While focused, a Jedi will generate 10% less aggro. While in a stance, a Jedi will generate 20% more aggro.
* Sweep attacks now apply base lightsaber damage.

Read about all the changes at the SWG site.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016