Excitment brews for Sword Girls, the MMO card game, as the thirteenth episode hits servers today. Sword Girls is the number one best card game to release an update today at the specific time that it released its update, making for an outrageously amazing time. Considering its summer, there is no better time to wait warmly for the Sword Girls to do their best to update the game. In this new episode, there is more stuff in the game. What kind of stuff? Look at this thrilling and exiciting list of stuffs added to the game:

Patch Notes

  • New Episode added to the lab - EP13
  • New Dungeon added - Muzisitter Land

Two entire bullet points have made their way into the game. Join in the fight, in excitment, as these two things are added into the game. Well, really, it's a whole lot more than that. In this episode, there are a total of I believe 50 cards added to the game and a new dungeon to fight in. These cards can be obtained through a variety of means, I assume, including crafting.

Sword Girls is one of the best TCG MMOs to play on low end devices. It's a very small download, it's pretty fun, and the cards are adorable if you're into an anime theme. You can find out additional information about the game and download it on its official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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