A list of the changes on the Teamfight Tactics Public Beta Environment.


  • -5 Armor
  • 3-star base HP is unchanged. 
  • She has 25 more mana, so it's harder for her to transform.


  • Mana burn is now 25/55/85.  Compare to live at 30/50/70.

Items and Gold

  • XP drop boxes are gone.   Hurrah!
  • Items drop more often.  Unclear how much "more often"


  • Works in a 5 hex line rather than forcing the champion to be adjacent.
  • Gives 300 HP shield.  Stackable.

Guardian Angel

  • Gives 1000 HP on revival up from 500. 


  • Only attack 3 random enemies rather than all enemies in range. 


  • Ultimate now deals 150 more damage at all ranks. 


  • Buffed to 1.0 attack speed.


  • Burrow damage increased to 100 from 50


  • No longer switches targets during spin if original target dies. 

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Last Updated: Jul 16, 2019

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