Thanks to AJ for the heads up that there are more changes on the PBE server.

PBE Changes - July 10th

More changes to the game on the Public Beta Environment. 


  • Frozen Heart reduces attackspeed by 25%.
    • A good buff in my opinion.  The wearer still needs to stay alive for it to work, so the risk / reward is fantastic.
  • Wild bonus buffed - now 8 Attack Speed up to 5 times.
    • Another good buff.  Wild is strong early, but drops off in a hurry as you enter the endgame.  This will help. 
  • Shapeshifter bonus now properly gives 100% more health on shapeshift instead of 100% of 1 star.
    • A great fix that truly makes it worth leveling your Shapeshifter champions.  
  • Guardian Angel revives with 1000 HP - seems no more +1 star.
    • The +1 star was probably too strong, but this seems far too weak.   Perhaps revive two Champions at 750 HP?
  • Fiora buffed - now has an attack speed of 1.0
    • Not nearly enough of a buff. 
  • Thornmail reflects 100% of mitigated attack damage.
    • Unclear how this will work.  Previously reflected 35%.   How is mitigation determined?  That will tell the tale.
  • Rageblade now gives 4% attackspeed per attack.
    • I didn't feel this was underpowered to begin with, especially when equipped on an appropriate Champion. 
  • Spatula items no longer give double the stats of the paired item.
    • 10 thumbs up!

What are you thoughts on these changes?  How do they affect your favourite Champions and compositions?









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Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019

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