Riot has made some more changes to the PBE (Public Beta Environment) for Teamfight Tactics. 

Teamfight Tactics - PBE Changes - July 9th

A lot of changes have been made including reverting some of the original changes.   So far Riot has been not only quick to tweak and test changes, but very effective at discerning what works, what doesn't and what direction to take when something has gone sideways.  

The change that most players will notice immediately is that PVE minions will drop mystery boxes that have gold and XP.   Every PVE minion wave drops something, item, XP or gold.  It is still like a free slots site as you never know what you will receive, but it's better than knowing you may receive nothing at all.  The XP boost in particular can have an affect on how you play. 

The FON bug still exists on PBE, but isn't as frequently (and we assume easily) used.   It's an aggravating bug since your opponent can dupe items, but it's also something that is easily trackable by Riot, so they can ban offenders.  

Zeke's Herald got a buff.  It now provides 15% Attack Speed to up to 5 champions (see below)

Guardian Angel now revives the champion and gives them +1 start making 4-star champions possible.   They are very, very powerful.  The jury is still out, but this certainly puts a new twist on this item making it much more viable.  

The Demon buff was reverted, but they still have 10% greater chance to mana burn for true damage than they did originally. 

It now costs 64 (instead of 70) to hit level 9.   I'm not sure how much this small change will affect players' ability to hit level 9.  It's one "spend", but it is quicker.  Time will tell. 


Here is what we know, in short and sweet form. 

  • Gromp and the buffed PVE minions are gone.
    • Mystery blocks now drop gold and XP.
  • Winstreak icon is updated and more visible. 
  • Zeke's Herald now gives 15% Attack Speed bonus to all champions in the same row (owner + two hexes each side) for the rest of combat. 
  • Guardian Angel gives +1 star on revival.  This is a big one folks. 
    • Yes, you can become level 4.
  • Ludens and Locket no longer gain Ability Power bonuses.
  • Demons got a 10% increase to burn mana.
  • XP required to hit Level 9 has decreased from 70 to 64.

Overall, great changes which make the game more fun to play. 

Here is isababa's take on it all. 


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Last Updated: Jul 10, 2019

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