Set to hit the Public Test Realm tomorrow, The Gunner is arguably the first Specialization that actually has a "role". Acting as a "tank", it's capable of suppressing enemies, while taunting them from cover with its banshee wail. The catch? If you're wielding its minigun, you can't roll or use cover. For anyone who doesn't own the Year 1 Pass, you'll need to take on Special Field Research: five stages of in-game challenges, each with their own set of objectives and rewards. By completing all five stages, you will gain access to the Gunner Specialization and the newest signature weapon in the SHD arsenal. 

If you do own the Year 1 Pass, you'll be able to play it straight away, with the Special Field Research providing cosmetic rewards instead. The FAQ below also goes into a little more detail. Here's hoping it offers something more than the other Specializations we currently have, which, it has to be said, are all pretty awful.


  • Since Pass players get immediate access to the specialization, doesn't this create a gameplay advantage?

    • Specializations have abilities and specialized weapons tailored to specific playstyles. Though Year 1 Pass owners will have the benefit of instant access to new Specializations, all players will be able to unlock them through gameplay. All Specializations have different strengths and weaknesses, and appeal to different playstyles and tactical situations. The new Specializations will offer the same tier of power as other Specializations.

  • Is Year 1 Pass the only option to instantly access the specialization and earning the cosmetic rewards?

    • Players interested in the Gunner specialization access and earnable cosmetic rewards, can either secure it through the Year 1 Pass, or purchase a Gunner ‘Specialization Pack' for Premium Credits on the in-game store, which will entitle them to the same benefits for the Gunner specialization.

    • Note that Year 1 Pass comes with similar benefits for the remaining 2 specializations coming later in Year 1, as well as host of other content & perks. Discover what Pass has to offer here.

  • Can I still get the cosmetic rewards if I start the Specialization Field Research without the Pass?

    • Yes. You can upgrade to Year 1 Pass at any point. The moment you get Year 1 Pass, you will immediately unlock Gunner (if you have not finished the research just yet), as well as get the cosmetic rewards you have earned, depending on which stage you are at.

    • Even if you unlocked the Specialization without the Pass, once you purchase it, you will immediately unlock all cosmetic rewards, including the uniform.

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Last Updated: Jun 03, 2019

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