With the Gunner having hit the Public Test Server, Division 2 player Frinol has pulled together a list of all its Talents. While the majority suit a heavy playstyle, with additional armor and handling for reduced mobility, there's a couple of brilliant goodies in here. The highlights are below, the the +50 Rounds for LMG is just ridiculous:

  • Large Pouch +50 Rounds
  • Armor Kits repair 100% armor and grant 50% bonus armor for 10 seconds
  • Generate 10% of total ammo capacity, every 60 seconds, Party members recover 5%
  • Rate of Fire increases by 5 % on kill for 5s
  • 20% Weapon Handling whilst not moving, need to be motionless for 1 second(s)

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Last Updated: Jun 05, 2019

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