Here's a TL:DR from today's State of the Game. There's loads of exciting things on the horizon for The Division 2: get hyped.

State of the Game

In this State of the Game, Trick Dempsey and Yannick joined Hamish to talk about the next Patch, World Tier 5 and the Roadmap ahead.

Patch 1.7

There will be a regular maintenance tomorrow (Thursday 9:30 – 12:30 CET) and during that maintenance Patch 1.7 will be deployed. It will be a Client - and a Server Patch so they can address many things:

Patch Notes

  • Performance improvements that should help and address the frame rate drops that some have been experiencing.

  • Part 2 (and final) fix for the Skills-going-on-cooldown issue. The first part was already addressed, but with the client patch, they can also address the other reasons that caused this issue.

  • Part 2 (and final) fix for the scaling issue when you play with players that have different levels. The first part addressed the NPC damage, and the second part will address the armor value that did not scale correctly when you had just (for example) green items on your agent. So this should improve the experience a lot.

  • Some issues with specific headsets will also be addressed (where you lost the audio completely)

  • The color of the nametag of clan-members will be changed and no longer be yellow. (the exact color is still unknown)

  • When you opened an Apparel Cache, in some cases it would display a grey placeholder backpack instead of what you actually got – and that will be addressed.

  • Navigate and “Mark as Junk” controls will be fixed on controllers

  • "Push to Talk" will be enabled by default and you have no longer an open mike per default.

  • and a couple more

Tidal Basin Update

The final Stronghold “Tidal Basin” will become available next week on Friday, April 5th after the maintenance.


  • When the Update has dropped, you will get an additional mission where “plot happens” and you are finally able to attack the last Stronghold “Tidal Basin”

  • Once you have completed that Stronghold, you will be promoted to World Tier 5

  • On WT 5 the Gear Score Bracket is between 450 and 500

  • Gear Sets will also be added to the Loot Pool

  • There are three Gear Sets that will be added with this update. (True Patriot / Ongoing Directive / Hardwired)

  • Gear Sets can drop from Black Tusk enemies or Invaded Missions

  • With World Tier 5 you will also have Weekly Invasions where Strongholds and even more missions can become invaded that have not been invaded before (not just those that you needed to complete to unlock the Strongholds)

  • On World Tier 5 you can also select the difficulty of Invaded Missions

  • Heroic Difficulty becomes available on WT5

  • Heroic Difficulty missions are very generous with rewards but they also don’t have exclusive loot that is locked behind Heroic Difficulty.

  • You get more and better drops on Heroic Difficulty and – as mentioned above – Gear Set drops with in general – better rolls and towards the higher end of the Gear Score range.

  • The rules will also change on Heroic Difficulty (no checkpoints for example) but we don’t have specific details on that.

Weekly Invasions

  • The Invasions are on a weekly reset.

  • When you complete an Invaded Missions for the first time in that week, you will get a bonus reward

  • When a mission is invaded, you can also replay it as invaded and on multiple difficulties.

Tidal Basin

  • This is a military base

  • In contrast to other “real world places” Tidal Basin has been constructed with the goal “How would a high-tech faction set up a base to make it defensible” / “What unique defenses could the Black Tusk have?” / “What is realistic high-tech that they could use to defend their home base?”

  • That makes it very different from other missions/strongholds

  • It has approx. the same size than Roosevelt Island.

Other Updates / Fixes that will be included in the Tidal Basin update

  • The strange stairs will be fixed – for those that caught the Kotuku article.

  • There will also be a first balancing pass that will also drop with that update (Weapon Mods and Skill Mods will also be touched there)

  • Many smaller and bigger bug-fixes that have been reported by the community will also be fixed

  • PVP is not the focus of that update – but they are listening very closely what has been reported, so keep the discussion going.

  • In general, while there is a first balancing pass, they also want the Gear Sets in the mix to really have the big picture and then go from there. This way they can avoid drastic balancing changes and can take it step by step.


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Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019

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