The Secret World, that neat horror MMO that is actually quite fun, is having a sale on Steam this week. You can pick it up for $10.19 in real American dollars or whatever your country's favorite monopoly money is translated to (seriously, I looked at some of the new American money the other day for the first time in forever and it was quite a shock). The real winner here is that you can get the The Secret World: Massive Edition for $23.99 with issues #5, #6, and #7. That's $30 worth of issues (1200 funcom points each or $10 per 1200 points), plus the base game, for $23.99. That's a deal you can't beat for The Secret World.

Why should you buy The Secret World? First, it's a game that you could play start to finish without really getting too deep into the game. It's got a lot of fun "single player" content that resides within a persistant world. So you're not just farming bear tongues for the entire day, you're going out and accomplishing various story bits within this very creepy and unsettling world. The combat is interesting and fun, and there is a lot of challenge in the missions. The group content is also really fun as well and it's easy to hook up with other players.

It's definitely a game that you could buy and play as you want to consume it as well, it got rid of its subscription awhile ago. The price of $10.19 is rather rare, it usually shows up for a few days here and there, and the price of $29.99 is very sticky. So hop on this deal if you've been sitting on the fence. The last time it was at this price was last December for a brief period around December 26th.

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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