The Secret World is launching issue #12 next week which contains a variety of quality of life updates along with new raid content and a currency merge. The biggest news to me is the currency merge. No longer will you carry around so, so, so many curriencies. They'll all be merged into one single currency after the update, so no matter where you're at within the game, you'll be earning a currency that's valuable to you in some capacity, so that you don't constantly feel as if you need to grind here or there, or return to past content in order to obtain something that you desire, or as you move into new content your old currency is worthless.

There will also be an incentive to login daily, as a new challenge system is arriving. Each day you'll get four challenges and seven challenges weekly, which will range from PvP to dungeons to PvE content. Completing the missions will grant you some Marks of the Pantheon. Yay!

Also coming is a revamp of the social window, new world bosses, and a new raid, along with the pre-req being removed from another:

Issue #12 brings great changes to the Raids in The Secret World. In addition to the New York Raid, you will now be able to take on two more Raids on a regular basis!.

We are introducing a ten man Raid to battle the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen (better known as Flappy). So if you want a brutal challenge, head into the depths of Agartha for the fight of a lifetime!

You can also battle the Eidolon of the Outer Dark on N'gha-Pei the Corpse-Island without going through the process of gathering Lair patterns. You enter this Raid from the boat in Kingsmouth harbor, and it can be repeated every three days like the other Raids. All three Raids will offer similar excellent rewards.

You can read full details of the update here. The update is scheduled to launch next week.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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