Today marks the start of the two-week long Gilded Rage and Golden Weekend events for The Secret World (TSW). Starting today, players can earn double ability points over the weekend. The bonus event will stack with timed ability point boosts from the in-game item store. In addition to a weekend of bonuses, the Gilded Rage event also kicks off today, offering players a chance to earn a number of new unique rewards by hunting down a mighty guardian of Gaia, the Golden Golem.

Other bonuses available during the event include 30% more Funcom Points when you purchase them through the in-game store as well as free membership months for recruiting friends to play TSW.

Source: TSW Newsletter


This coming weekend (from Friday the 6th at 4pm CET/10am EST until Sunday the 8th of September) everyone can enjoy another Golden Weekend and get tons of bonuses in The Secret World!

The Gilded Rage Event

We are also kicking off the continuation of our one year anniversary event. Gather your friends and hunt down the Golden Golem! He is a mighty Guardian of Gaia and those adventurers who are persistent and lucky can get their hands on unique rewards. The Gilded Rage event will start at the same time as the Golden Weekend and run for two weeks.

The Golden Weekend contains this and more:

Double Ability Points!

  • Every time you earn an Ability Point during the Golden Weekend you also get an additional one as a bonus. This stacks with the bonus from Timed Ability Point boosts from the Item Store.

Free Membership Months for Recruiting!

  • For every new player you recruit this weekend you get a free month of Membership in addition to the Veteran Rewards you get normally. (To receive this bonus you must invite between now and the end of the Golden Weekend and the recruit must purchase The Secret World within 30 days.) The person you recruit gets an invite to try the game for free.

Great Deal on Funcom Points!

During the Golden Weekend you get 30% extra Bonus Points every time you purchase Funcom Points! Bonus Points are valid for 6 months towards any in-game purchase.

We welcome you to a Massive Multiplayer Online Adventure unlike anything you have experienced before! Now is truely a golden time to join.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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