Lead Designer Romain “Tilty” Amiel fills in for Joel Bylos’ Game Director’s Letter for The Secret World (TSW) this week. As previously mentioned with the Age of Conan update, Bylos is still on holiday, so Amiel delivered this month’s update in his stead. Amiel’s first big topic was on the community and adding a few new features that should make players happy, one of which is the possibility of streaming music directly through the game as well as continuing to address player feedback and suggestions.

After recapping the Christmas event and the invasion of Krampus, Amiel looked forward to what content awaits TSW players in 2014, one of the first of which will be the introduction of the Tokyo zone, which has been building up since last year. Once players have managed to cleanse the current gate of its filth from the Whispering Tide event, they’ll have the chance to fight Flappy (not to be confused with Fippy (EQ players got that)) and finally make their way to Tokyo.

“You can take on "Flappy" in an massive 60-man indoor raid fight, but whether you join the battle alone or with a team you will be rewarded as long as you participate. This fight will be available until Agartha has been fully reclaimed and the way to the Tokyo branch has been discovered.”

Amiel also confirmed that Issue #9, which is said to be the biggest content update for TSW thus far, will be releasing sometime within the first quarter of 2014. Issue #10 should follow “soon” thereafter and add new areas to Tokyo along with a new Lair for higher level players. Issue #11 will follow sometime after and include a new raid.

Source: TSW Game Director’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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