The War Z unleashed its zombies upon the Steam community this week, but the reaction was probably not what Hammerpoint had hoped. Following the game’s release, several players cried foul, accusing the developer of lying about the game's features. The big issue at the heat of the argument is the accusation that the developer misled players by advertising a number of features that were not in the released game but still advertised on the Steam game page. Kotaku points to a Reddit thread in which players list off the missing content ranging from the size of the game’s Colorado map, missing maps, less than 100 max server size limit, no private servers and missing skills.

In a response to Kotaku, Hammerpoint General Manager Sergey Titov responded to some of the allegations and offered an update on the missing features. Titov confirmed that skills and private server options will be “coming soon” and that the maximum server size was set to 50 from 70 as a result of community survey results, and that the “up to 100” statement wasn’t a lie as some have called it. Titov also addressed comments relating to the size of the Colorado map and that changes are being made to the Steam page to clarify the server dilemma.

Despite the obvious botched advertisement of features, The War Z currently sits at the top of Steam’s “Top Sellers” list. More features will be coming according to the devs to round out what's missing, and the Steam page seems to indicate that more clearly now with certain features listed for release in December 2012 - January 2013. Still, it's a good lesson to keep that game page clear and up to date with what's in the game rather than what will be, lest you suffer the wrath of the angry gamers on Metacritic, which on the user rating end of things is getting panned at the moment.

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Source: Kotaku

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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