Top 25 most anticipated Sci-Fi games shows little love for MMOs...

Or is the other way around?

Jolt has posted a five part series in a top-of-the-heap type list of sci-fi games headed to the market in some foreseeable future. Lists are always fun, they cause controversy and are easy to dispute or use to validate our own opinions. This list does not, however, give us MMO gamers a whole lot of fodder. You know why? Because there aren't that many sci-fi MMOs in production.

Regardless, following are the MMOs that made the list:
Jumpgate: Evolution came in at number 18. Stargate Worlds makes a strong showing at number 7, only to be upstaged by a game that's not officially announced, Knights of the Old Republic at number 6.

KotOR is the highest anticipated sci-fi MMO and it doesn't even exist, wink wink, nudge, nudge. The KotOR part of the article spends more time discussing the lack of game, than the game itself. How does it get to number 6 like that? They do have a point though:

With the less-than-it-could-have-been performance of Star Wars Galaxies and the universal awesomeness of KotOR, our thirst for more details is pretty high right now.

With 22 other games to read about, there are plenty of single player and even a few co-op games on the horizon. As always, the developers are sticking with tradition which means that MMOs are heavy on Orcs, light on spaceships therefore absent from the list. There is also a bit to read about a MMO developer who also does single player games (I think it's named Blizzard, and apparently they have a sci-fi game coming out called Starcraft something or other). See the rest of the top 25 list here and approve or disapprove of the list on our forums where I prove to disapprove of my list.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016