Runic Games has revealed the newest class for style="font-style: italic;">Torchlight II,
Embermage, as well as the price of the eagerly anticipated game. The
Embermage is a powerful warrior-wizard known for their offensive

Not only did Runic Games reveal the Embermage at Pax Prime
2011, but they also announced that style="font-style: italic;">Torchlight II
will retail for
$19.99, the same price as the original style="font-style: italic;">Torchlight.
“It’s always been our goal to provide exceptional
value for the price,” says Max Schaefer, CEO of Runic Games.
“Everyone who wants to play style="font-style: italic;">Torchlight II
will be able to
comfortably afford to do so, and they’ll be able to play with
their friend online or via a LAN, or play single player offline, all
with no further purchases.”

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The deadly Embermage.

style="font-weight: bold;">Torchlight II Playable
Class: The Embermage

"Ember is dangerous to the untrained hand—and deadly in mine."

At the forefront of the Empire’s colonization of Vilderan are
the Embermages—highly-trained spellcasters renowned for their
skill, dedication, and arcane power. No Imperial army is complete
without these fierce warrior-wizards in the vanguard.

It is widely accepted in the Empire that Embermages are a special
breed, held in awe and respect for the rigorous training they undergo,
and the prowess they display. Selected in early adolescence by the
Ember Council, Embermages undergo extensive arcane conditioning and
mystical studies, accompanied by hours of physical drills and combat
exercises each and every day. They learn to work in tandem with
Vanquishers, and crush the Empire’s foes with both subtle
grace and overwhelming might, as the situation demands. By the time
Embermages are assigned to active duty, they are accomplished wizards,
formidable soldiers, and insightful strategists.

As the name suggests, Embermages study the magical mineral known as
Ember, through which process they gain a better understanding of
thaumaturgic principles. But, unlike the Empire's legion of Alchemists,
Embermages do not actually draw energy from Ember itself; instead, they
observe its properties, and, through meditation and experimentation,
learn to recreate the effects of Ember in a wide range of magical
applications. In addition to unleashing blasts of high-energy fire,
ice, and electricity, an Embermage develops the means to magically
interfere with the laws of time and space, moving
themselves—or their enemies—across short distances
in the blink of an eye.

This facility with applied magic defines the Embermage's combat role:
an offensive spellcaster capable of delivering focused, precise attacks
at a considerable distance, or of shifting foes violently away with
short-range teleportation—usually with physically wrenching
results for the targets! In battle, the Embermage wields each aspect of
the Ember like a duelist wielding a blade—switching from fire
to ice to lightning and back again in the span of a few
heartbeats—all while disappearing from their foe's sight and
reappearing in another, more advantageous position!

The Embermages’ combination of physical and magical
discipline makes them superb ranged combatants: powerful, mobile, and
versatile ... and, most importantly, ingenious!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016