If someone was to tell me that there's a racing game you can't control the car in, I'd be a little confused. It seems Arctic Hazard Game Studios have done just that and gone about creating a racing game with a difference. Functioning similarly to Football Manager, Trackday Manager allows you to take control and own your own racecar team. Your team consists of one driver and a full crew to help you out. According to the official press release, you'll need to 

Control your teams economy, develop your crew, sign sponsors, buy cars, upgrade cars, customize patterns and colors and place sponsors, among other things. But the main focus of the game is on the Trackday, when you take your car and team to the racetrack to compete against other players.

I think that sounds really neat, but there's also more. There's five different race tracks (so far) dynamic weather, you can provide orders to your driver as they race while there's also leaderboards and a whole host of car upgrades. It's honestly something I've never seen before and I'm not surprised its already been given the go-ahead on Steam Greenlight.  You can find out more about the game on the official website or head on over to steam for early access that unlocks on the 27th of this month

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Last Updated: Mar 15, 2016

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