Defiance is set to hold its first beta event this weekend and Trion has released a new FAQ with a few handy details if you’ll be taking part. As you might expect, the beta will be under an NDA, so don’t go posting all about it on the web or trailblazing the net with YouTube videos. The brief FAQ is available below for your convenience.

Defiance’s first beta event begins on Friday, January 18th. Don’t have a beta key yet? Be sure to grab one from our Defiance Beta Key Giveaway.

Source: Defiance Facebook Page

Q: Where do I download the beta client?

A: Details about the beta will be communicated via email to the address on your Trion Worlds account. Please make sure to add [email protected] to your Safe Senders list to ensure delivery!


Q: Is the beta under NDA?

A: Yes, the Defiance beta test is under NDA. Please keep all details regarding the Defiance beta out of public channels, as players who break the NDA will be removed from future Defiance betas.


Q:  I received a Defiance beta code; what do I do next?

A: IF you get a beta code, go to the Apply Code page at Once you  have been accepted into beta, you will receive a beta invite email which will take you through the rest of the simple steps to access and download the beta client.

Please note, if you have already received a beta invite email, you are signed up for the beta and DO NOT REQUIRE a beta key.


Q: What platform is the Defiance beta for?

A: The first beta is for PC players. However, future beta tests will include PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360® players, so stay tuned to for further details.


Q: Where are the beta forums located?

A: The Defiance beta forums are located at:

The forum will be accessible once your beta access has been confirmed via email.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Defiance Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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