Lead Designer Romain Amiel fills in for Game Director Joel Bylos to deliver this month’s Game Director’s Letter for The Secret World (TSW). But fear not, it’s filled with some juicy tidbits of new information all the same.

The first thing that Amiel points out in his update is that the final chapter of the Whispering Tide event should be arriving within the next few days, opening the raid against the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen for players. But a few changes have been made to the encounter based on PTS feedback.

“The fight will be available for 30 min every 3 hours, during which you will be able to simply walk into "Flappy's" lair in order to fight the beast. As soon as each instance reaches its player limit, a new one will be created. If you are already part of a raid prior to entering, all of your party members will be assigned to the same instance.”

The first successful kill within the half hour window will grant everyone involved with a reward bag and a bonus amount of slivers and fragments. Each following kill will provide a flat amount of both currencies. The fight and its rewards will remain available until the Filth has been completely cleansed from Agartha and the path to the Tokyo playfield is opened.

And on the subject of Tokyo, the area is still being developed by Funcom, but Amiel had a few new things to share for this update. NPC voice recordings have been completed and players will see the return of some well-known characters along with a few new ones.

“We are done recording all of the NPCs for Issue #9. Some familiar voices have returned to their role as some of our well-known characters, and we have worked with several brilliant new actors that have lent their voice to bring some of our new protagonists to life. If you haven't already, I recommend brushing up on your Japanese! It could come in handy.”

Additionally, Amiel also stated that the team has been hard at work on new investigation missions with new kinds of challenges along with a few teasers for Issues #10, which will take advantage of Funcom’s Mature rating.

“The plan is that Issue #10 will further continue the story mission, introduce new friendly mission givers, as well as new monsters. It will open new areas within Tokyo, including a mall, and... the "Love hotel" which will take advantage of our current Mature rating. It will also include an area that will provide several hints regarding the future destination of all our secret agents.”

As for Issue #11, you can expect to see the Orochi Tower featured prominently in what will be the conclusion of the first chapter in TSW story. The lower level of the tower will provide a new Nightmare and Elite mode dungeon. The update itself will also bring the first chapter of the overall story of TSW to a close, ending with an epic end of chapter fight and a mysterious big reveal.

Let the speculation commence. Be sure to read the full Game Director’s Letter for more along with a few image teasers of what’s to come.

Source: TSW Game Director’s Letter

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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