Finding the path of least resistance to advancement is a problem every MMORPG has encountered, the problem part being when it’s done by way of exploiting game mechanics. The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is far from immune, and several players have been engaging in rank farming activities in the Ettenmoors PvP zone.

After reading several complaints from players and discussing the issue with the player council, Turbine made a statement yesterday to offer their official stance on the issue, and warned that the accounts of any player engaging and assisting in the activity could be at risk of reprisal. You can read Turbine’s official statement below.

Source: LOTRO Rank Farming Official Statement

Hello, I’m River, Customer Service Manager at Turbine.

For some time now, the Customer Service team has been reading your comments and thoughts regarding “rank farming’. Together with the Developers, Community team, and players council we have come up with a clear, official definition and policy regarding “rank farming” in the Ettenmoors.

“Rank Farming” is officially defined as the intentional surrender of your character to an enemy; resulting in a purposeful defeat and a gain of Infamy or renown to increase rank. Rank Farming is specific to Ettenmoors PvMP (Freep vs. Monster Player). The enemy can be controlled by any player - either the same player controlling the surrendering character, or someone else.

Participation in Rank Farming is an abuse of our game mechanics, and against our rules. Customer Service can identify this behavior and will take the appropriate action on both accounts involved, based on our findings. This activity can also be reported to the in-game staff for review.

This policy is effective immediately and is *not retroactive*. We will not be taking action on previous potential violations. Any reports filed should be of actions witnessed after the publication of this policy.

Please remember that we have multiple ways to verify players are participating in this behavior. Additionally, players who frequently report others falsely may also be subject to disciplinary action for harassment.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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