The Ultima saga has been revitalized and will return once again with the online action RPG, Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar. The saga that made its name primarily on the PC, grew its legacy on the PC, and developed a rabid and loyal fanbase on the the PC, will be coming to the iOS this spring. Wait, what?

You read that right folks. Players on iOS devices will be the only ones getting their hands on Ultima: Forever this spring as EA Mobile and Mythic made the decision to double their efforts for the mobile platform's development citing that it “scored higher in testing”, so other platforms such as Android and PC were not given as much priority and will be releasing at a later date.

"There have been a lot of questions regarding platform support and we would like to clarify our intentions. We had been planning a simultaneous launch on both PC/mobile and went into Alpha on both systems. Mobile scored higher in testing and so we doubled our efforts on iOS to expedite release. After the iOS launch, we will focus our efforts on bringing the game to other platforms. We will confirm exact dates for Android and other platform releases later this year."

If you browse the comments section of their original announcement and Facebook response to the players about the news, it's pretty clear some fans of the Ultima series are not too thrilled about the decision.

If you’re curious to see what the gameplay of the latest iOS installment to the Ultima saga looks like, give the trailer a look below. Stay tuned and we’ll update you when Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar returns to the PC. You know, where Ultima sort of made its name.

What do you think about iOS getting the next Ultima game before PC? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Trailer & Release Announcement

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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