Undead Labs is moving into the next phase of development for their zombie-based shooter Class3 and founder Jeff Strain has posted a new message to fans and the development team explaining the latest milestone achievement for the game. September 30th marked the final milestone achievement for Class3’s pre-production and now the team has a working game all be it in raw form.

Strain’s post explains that over the next few months Undead Labs will be bringing on art production partners, voice and motion actors, musicians and world-class writers to help with getting the project finished. While nothing new else was revealed in the post, production is about to commence and we can probably expect to hear more about the project soon. As the developer moves forward with the support of Microsoft Gaming Studios, Strain references a past video to reflect on how far the game has come since its announcement.

Class3 is the codename of Undead Labs’ first project, a co-op zombie shooter that will serve as an introduction to their “online world game” codenamed Class4. Check out our past interview with Undead Labs founder Jeff Strain for more information about the two projects.

Source: Undead Labs website

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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