Richard Foge sparked a lot of discussion last week with his post on the Undead Labs website about the intention of the team to develop a truly persistent and action filled zombie MMOG for the console and calling most MMOGs "barely even games."

This week Creative Director James Phinney posted a followup to Foge's ambitious post to reaffirm the team's commitment and vision for the game.

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style="font-style: italic;">Undead Labs is aiming high with their console zombie MMO.

There’s nothing quite like exploring an expansive persistent world that has a player population to match. A world full of friends and strangers. A world full of moments that you can’t experience any other way — like when you save the life of a perfect stranger and know it was a real person, not some NPC in some canned sequence everyone sees eventually. When that same person returns the favor and you get to talking. When you and a few other players decide to organize yourselves and become a force in the world and start gaining notoriety with other real human beings. When you and your friends get together and decide to stage an event or contest or celebration that the game developers never planned.

It all sounds like a great plan for a gaming experience, but as we all know the road of MMOG design is paved with dead games, shaved down mechanics and ambitious projects that barely resemble their original vision when launched. If Undead Labs can do what they're hoping to, the game will be quite a sight to behold. But we'll have to see how things develop as the Undead Labs zombie MMOG gets a little further along the development path. That's when we get a clearer idea of exactly what will launch.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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