The Secret World is not only getting its own single player game that's supposed to come out soonish, but it also just received an update that contains a ton of the general updates and bug fixes, along with skills and talismans going to rank 11. Previously limited to rank 10, this update gives you some more power to your various skills. Not only that, but there is new Nightmare Raid entrances, along with some new content, and major GUI updates.

  • All weapon and talisman skills now go up to rank 11.
  • Friendly spells cast using simple ground targeting will now center on the defensive target rather than the offensive target.
  • Made many creatures switch targets more quickly if they hate someone else more.
  • Resolved issues with a number of enemy dash abilities that could cause them to incorrectly fixate on a target before casting.
  • Fixed an issue which could cause ultimate abilities to be interrupted by movement before they lock you in place.

This update should make the game more fun for everyone, but as someone who isn't a top tier TSW player, I can't speak in the affirmative to that. Augments seem to be dropping a lot more and this is making people happy, from what I've read on the forums.

Anyway you can read the full update notes here.

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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