Subject: GAMEWIRE: Hail, Adventurers! Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes(TM) Voyages
into Retail Stores Today

Hail, Adventurers! "Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes(TM)" Voyages into Retail Stores

San Dego, CA - January 30, 2007 - Sony Online Entertainment (SOE) and Sigil
Games Online announced today that the hotly anticipated massively
multiplayer online role-playing game, "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes(TM)," is now
available at retail outlets across North America and Europe. The game is
also offered for digital download at

"From day one, 'Vanguard' was created with the vision of developing an MMO
with an unparalleled feeling of immersion," said Brad McQuaid, CEO of Sigil
Games Online. "To accomplish this, we included innovative features that
break the shackles of the traditional MMO experience. Our diplomacy system,
for example, is one of many original concepts we employed to invigorate the
MMO game play experience."

"Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" features stunning environments reminiscent of
classic fantasy oil paintings, as well as three fully-developed layers of
gameplay (diplomacy, adventuring and crafting), along with a comprehensive
character creation tool. Three vast continents are available for
exploration, and players will enjoy a fully immersive experience as they
delve into new lands riddled with powerful items, dangerous enemies, and
boundless adventure. As players reach higher levels, they can traverse the
world freely on flying dragons, voyaging across far-reaching lands in a
breathtaking, non-instanced world.

"Vanguard's beauty coupled with the sheer size and scale of the world is
like nothing else experienced in today's games. It's poised to make a
significant contribution to the genre, which is one of many reasons SOE is
looking forward to adding this exciting title to our line up of games
included in the all-in-one Station Access(TM) subscription package," Laura
Naviaux, Sr. Brand Manager, Sony Online Entertainment.

Rated "T" for Teen by the ESRB, the game is available for the suggested
retail price of US $49.99. The limited edition version with unique content
for collectors is also available for a suggested retail price of $89.99. The
North American subscription fee for "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" is $14.99 a
month, with discounts offered for longer subscription commitments. For
players who purchase "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" and have an SOE Station
Access subscription, the subscription to "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" will be
included in the $24.99 monthly fee. "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" has also been
added to SOE's universal game card available at retail in 30- and 90-day
subscription periods.

About "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes"
The only limits are your own in Telon. The adventurous can choose from
multiple paths of exploration within the three spheres of advancement:
adventuring, crafting, and diplomacy. Players can delve into the mysteries
of Telon, and embark upon quests to slay monstrous beasts locked deep inside
rugged mountain ranges. Those with a quick mind can use diplomacy to
convince kings to move armies and change the course of history. With
player-crafted boats, flying mounts, and customizable player housing,
"Vanguard" offers players a world of their own choosing.

Key Features of "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes":

. No boundaries: Explore an epic, seamless world. From the smallest dungeon
to the highest peak. If it can be seen it can be explored.
. Limitless customization: In a world of thousands, carve your own unique
destiny and appearance with an unparalleled character creator and by
choosing one of 19 different races from Orcs and Goblins to Dwarves and
. Forge your own path: Choose from one of 15 exciting professions including
Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Psionicist, Bard and Rogue.
. Immersive and interactive: Vanguard's unique, dynamic, reactive, combat
system allows you to build chains of special attacks and reactions with
Openers, Bridges and powerful Finishing moves.
. Ride or sail around the world: With dozens of unique mounts to collect,
you can race into battle on your warhorse, command the skies on the back of
your dragon or join friends and embark on a sea-based adventure to discover
faraway lands.
. Play your way: Advance your character as an adventurer, set up your own
shop as a crafter, talk your way to the top as a diplomat or do all three
with the same character.
. Open Market: Collect essential materials and use skills such as
blacksmithing and artificing to create valuable and powerful items as well
as ships and housing.
. Home for sale: Make Telon feel like home by staking your claim on a piece
of land and furnishing your own house with unique items.

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