Nothing makes Mythic Entertainment's Warhammer Online more fun than playing with friends, and now you can all play in the same room! iGames member centers are sponsoring WAR LAN parties throughout November, with a final blowout event on November 22, at 35 centers nationwide. Come for the fun, free food and drink, and limited edition T-shirts.

Participating LAN centers:

* Nov. 8 - Euphnet in Sunnyvale, CA (Near San Jose)
* Nov. 8 - Gigabits LAN Center in Orlando, FL
* Nov. 8 - Netlans in Phoenix, AZ
* Nov. 8 - Vertigo Game Center in Wausau, WI (Between St. Paul and Green Bay)
* Nov. 9 - Strike Zone Gaming in Fenton, MI (Northwest of Detroit)
* Nov. 14 - Crazy Penguins Gaming in Rockford, IL (Northwest of Chicago)
* Nov. 14 - CyGamZ in Ypsilanti, MI (Between Ann Arbor and Detroit)
* Nov. 15 - Citadel Games in Brainerd, MN (North of Minneapolis)
* Nov. 15 - 8wire LAN Gaming Center in Las Vegas, NV
* Nov. 15 - Xtreme Gaming Cybercafe in San Antonio, TX

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016