If you're on the Ostermark server in Warhammer Online, then today's a big day for you. Free server transfers have begun and you have the choice to go to Phoenix Throne or Vortex. The odd thing that some people may not realize yet is that it looks as though with Ostermark transferring, that leaves the RP ruleset players with only one place to go and that's Phoenix Throne. Vortex is a core server.


Another round of our Free Character Transfers has started! Players of the following servers are now able to login to the Mythic Account Center and begin transfer of their characters. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully! There are cases where you may lose items if you do not properly prepare your character for transfer. This also applies to the Guild Transfer functionality.

There's a Q&A about server transfers and the servers you have an option for if you're transferring here.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016