Today, the countdown begins to Founder's Packs for Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade becoming available. Mere hours before they can be pre-ordered, Behavior Interactive announced the classes that each of the four races would have access to, promising that this is only the tip of the information iceberg, but that they wanted to maintain their word about announcing this information. With Orks as the only playable race for those who plan on going the free-to-play, this is surely the excitement needed to sway anyone following the game who's been on the fence.

Anyone curious what will be in the Founder's Pack, here is a handy list Behavior Interactive a few months back, which lists everything to expect, in addition to full access of the game at launch and access to all four races:

  • Identity – Enhance your character's core identity with unique Founders-only squad emblems, Heroes, and background-related titles, biographies, and cosmetics
  • Weapon Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
  • Armor Skins – Unique cosmetics for each race
  • Space Ship Decorations – Unique cosmetics to dress up your Squad or Strike Force Cruiser's interior the way you want
  • Miscellaneous – Unique execution animations and pets, both utility and non-combat
  • Vehicles – Unique Founders-only vehicles
  • Accessories – Unique equipment pieces

On the forum post where they announced these classes, lead game designer Brent Ellison noted a couple of things. One, these are the base classes that will be in the game. Behavior plans on adding in both hero and elite classes to the game. Secondly, the Eldar have twice as many classes as other races, and for good reason. While the other races have four classes each, these classes are diverse and versatile. The Eldar classes, however, are highly specialized and do not have the same flexibility. Rather than expanding out the other races' classes into ways that didn't make sense or pigeonhole the Eldar classes into something that could kill RP elements, we have what we have.

Here's the information you're all wanting, Eternal Crusade classes broken down by race – enjoy!

  • Space Marines
    • Tactical
    • Devastator
    • Assault
    • Apothecary
  • Orks
    • Shoota
    • 'Eavy/Loota (final name TBD)
    • Stormboy
    • Painboy
  • Chaos
    • Tactical
    • Havoc
    • Raptor
    • Aspiring Sorcerer
  • Eldar
    • Dire Avenger
    • Fire Dragon
    • Dark Reaper
    • Swooping Hawk
    • Howling Banshee
    • Striking Scorpion
    • Warlock

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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