Make your return to Warhammer Online to fight the war one last time before the MMORPG is sunset next month. Mythic recently announced that the subscription fee for Warhammer Online has been dropped for all players, allowing anyone currently subscribing or with an account in good standing to return and play for free until the MMORPG closes on December 18th.

As part of the final sendoff event, Mythic will also be adding new NPCs to the game to power up players and provide “other unique experiences.”  Read the full announcement below.

Source: Warhammer Online Announcement

Greetings Warhammer players,

Effective immediately we will be turning off the ability to apply one month subscriptions and game time codes to Warhammer Online accounts and removing the ability to open new Warhammer Online accounts. 

To give Warhammer Online a proper sendoff we are opening the game to anyone free of charge that has or had an account in good standing starting October 31st, 2013.  We will be adding new NPC’s to the game in order to power up your characters as well as other unique experiences for everyone to enjoy as we say goodbye to Warhammer Online over the next few weeks.  So please join us and help say goodbye to Warhammer Online in one last big WAAAGH!

See you soon!

Warhammer Team

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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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