Where has the Warhammer 40k: Eternal Crusade team been? What's been going on with development? These questions have been on the tips of fangs tongues now for a little bit and the new Executive Producer, Nathan Richardsson, has stepped up to fill us in on everything with the latest State of the Crusade. The absolute highlight is that it seems that "Early Access" is being rebranded into "Founders Access" and if I read the article correctly, access should start this autumn:

What we can tell is that we will be changing the name of Early Access to Founders Access so that it is crystal clear that to get in, you need to be a Founder. This will also apply to the Closed Beta; it will be called Founders Beta.

These two periods will also be ongoing for many months, where we’re showing in action our intent and our belief that Founders and players are a solid and integral part of our development process.

We will now change the purity seal to Founders Access in Autumn 2015. We can’t tell you what month yet, as we don’t know for sure yet when we want it to start and with what features. This is actually because for the Founders Access milestone, the availability of features will probably determine more when we open than a pretty sounding month.

- Nathan Richardsson - State of the Crusade 2/17/15

While not specifically a lot of new information is released, we can now make a guess that we'll see the Founders Access start sometime in August / October / November and seems to be based on where they're at in development and when they're ready to let players have it. That's a bit longer than I feel some players were expecting, but as far as I am concerned, I'd much rather have a later date and a more solid feature-rich game hit "early access" or "founders access" than to have a more barebones / barely working model pushed out sooner.

That's not to say it can work, take a look at Shroud of the Avatar, which has had a build out now since 2013 with their "pre-alpha" build, but that's a fantasy game. For a shooter, especially on the level of massive this project is aiming for, you probably want a lot of specifics in like character models, proper physics, and ballistic details before you let players tinker with it. In addition, there could very well be some direction change with Richardsson taking over. Having spoken with him previously, they are working on an accelerated schedule, so we can for sure assume that the team is working as hard as they can to get an awesome product out to not only those who support the game, but for players at large.

Not much else was released in the details, but I had a chance to talk with Nathan a few weeks ago and you can check out some other cool and interesting details there. In other news, yesterday they kicked off a really neat cosplay contest.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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