When CCP announced that they were shifting their development focus back to EVE Online and DUST 514, it left the World of Darkness team with reduced numbers and fans have been a little concerned about the future of the game following the announcement.

Under the new changes, World of Darkness development will continue, but with a smaller team than before that will continue working on the game and iterating as needed. CCP's main focus has shifted on improving EVE Online and shipping its online FPS Playstation 3 tie-in, DUST 514. To help calm community concerns, World of Darkness Senior Producer Chris McDonough posted an update to the community forums to explaining the reason for the staff reductions as part of their expectation that the game would be "production-ready" by now, but it isn't and some of the tech they had planned to use for the game has been delayed. He also assured fans that the game’s production is continuing and the only stuff that's being reduced in World of Darkness is “redundant content that is expensive to make

McDonough also took a moment to offer a few words in the defense of EVE Online in case any of the community decided to hurl an attack against the space opera for the World of Darkness changes.

And before anybody com pains about EVE, I would remind folks that the ONLY reason there is a World of Darkness MMO coming at all is because of EVE.


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Last Updated: Mar 14, 2016

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