Singularity Test Server Opens Up Interactions Between EVE and DUST 514 Players

Joint beta-testing between the two titles allows for cross-game and cross-platform chat and mail.

Developer CCP has launched their Singularity test server for both of their titles, EVE Online and DUST 514. These two titles share a universe, and despite being different in scope and genre and platform, players from either game can communicate with one another across a common in-game chat and mail system.

EVE dev Habakuk posted this announcement on the EVE forums, noting the following caveats:

  • The current code on Singularity is older than the code on TQ - some stuff will be broken, which is already fixed on TQ (for example the tutorials). The latest balancing changes are also missing on Singularity
  • Only very basic interaction is possible with Dust players in this version
  • We know of several issues, which are already resolved in our internal development version.
  • We might restrict the server again with no warning if we find any critical issues.

Beta events will continue to run throughout the summer on alternate weekends.

Source: EVE Online Forums

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