Champions Online Character Creation System Preview

By Reuben Waters -
This weekend members of the press were invited to get some hands on time with Cryptic Studios’ upcoming MMO Champions Online. Being a long time fan of the character creation tools originally shipped with City of Heroes, resident paranoid android Reuben “Sardu” Waters jumped at the chance to see just how immersive the process is shaping up to be in Cryptic’s newest entry into the super hero genre. Do the tools live up to the standards set by the studio’s own previous efforts? Read on and find out!

Like a kid in a candy store with infinite funds and a sweet tooth the size of Millennium City, I jumped at the chance to get some hands on time with Champions Online for a preview event this weekend, eager to see just how robust the character creation process is. I’ve had numerous character outlines scribbled on the corners of every spare scrap of paper in my office for months now, and couldn’t wait to see Dehydro, the coffee-addicted vampire finally come to life in glorious 3D!

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