Final Fantasy XIV Roundup

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Sony created quite the buzz at E3 2009 when it announced Final Fantasy XIV Online launching on the Playstation 3 console in 2010. Ten Ton Hammer got busy to bring you the first fourteen screenshots from the official website. Next, G4 started digging for answers to some pressing questions. IGN brought some questions to SE, too. Then came the Square Enix press conference. After that, ZAM got in on the action. Now there is so much great FFXIV information available that itÂ’s hard to keep it all organized. Ten Ton Hammer is here to help, offering a FFXIV Roundup to get you caught up to speed with all of the data conveniently located in one place.

The best timeline for FFXIV must be deduced from statements SE has made. The company told the press that FFXIV will launch after FFXIII, a console RPG scheduled to release in Spring 2010, which places that title between the months of April and June in 2010. This means FFXIV could release any time between June and December 2010.

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