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Aion Class Archetypes – The Priest

By Reuben Waters -
The first nine levels as a Priest in Aion serve not only as an introduction to the game’s core mechanics, but offer a small sampling of the types of abilities the two subclass selections will ultimately focus on further down the road. The ascension quest itself will allow Priest characters to become either a Chanter or a Cleric; two classes that might share a common theme of aiding your allies in battle, yet are otherwise distinctly separate classes in many key areas.

During the most recent closed beta preview event, Reuben “Sardu” Waters stepped into the role of an Asmodian Priest, walking (and sometimes flying) a few virtual miles to give players some further insight as to what makes the archetype tick:

The Chanter is a rugged, in-your-face melee combatant in its own right, with many direct attacks that inflict a series of debuffs and stuns on your enemies.  While Priests are only able to wear leather armor through the first nine levels, the Chanter will gain the ability to wear chain armor at level 10 which greatly ups the survivability factor when solo, or can even help the Chanter serve as a viable off-tank in group situations when needed.

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