Press Release

Nexon Brings Mounts to Mabinogi Europe

By Stacy Jones -

Mabinogi European players may have been feeling a bit neglected when it comes to mounts, but that has changed as Nexon Europe has brought mounts to their European players this month. A variety of horses will soon be made available for players to take advantage of such as the Thoroughbred, Shire and Haflinger. Unicorns will also be available for a limited time from June 23rd through June 30th, 2010 in the cash shop. Each mount will offer specific benefits to players. Additional details are available in the latest press release along with videos of the new mounts.

NEXON Europe is proud to announce the arrival of Horses for its Mabinogi players across Europe. This revolutionary feature will allow players the chance to ride around their Mabinogi world on horseback, making it quicker and easier to navigate the land. Plus for one week only, a limited edition Unicorn will be on offer for users that want to look their best and show-off their ride!

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