Lightning Strikes Twice – A First Look at Torchlight II

By Reuben Waters -

One of the standout moments for us at gamescom 2010 was getting our first look at Runic GamesÂ’ upcoming Torchlight II. Not only does the sequel further refine the core gameplay that made the original such a success last year, but adds a number of excellent new features into the mix. But do these new features translate into a worthy sequel? We believe they do, and you can find out why in our first look at Torchlight II.

IÂ’m speaking of course about the inclusion of multiplayer, and from what we were shown it should give fans plenty to be excited about. With this new feature youÂ’ll be able to scamper around the randomized outdoor areas and dungeons in the game with your friends via LAN or online connection which alone makes Torchlight II a worthy new entry into the series. But the improvements to the overall gameplay experience donÂ’t end there!

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