End of Nations Details Operations and Raids

By Stacy Jones -

End of Nations has certainly proven to be an impressive attempt at an MMORTS with a lot of ambitious goals. And one of those lofty goals is to provide players with cooperative raid goals such as the Acropolis, a heavily fortified fortress that requires no less than five Commanders working together to breach its massive walls. In the game's latest reveal, Trion Worlds details the Operations and Raids of End of Nations and how players will have to coordinate their efforts to bring down these challenging targets.

In every Operation, one vehicle can make a difference, and one commander can change the course of battle. To defeat challenges like the Acropolis, Commanders need not only their best tech upgrades, abilities, and units, but their ingenuity and sense of teamwork. With every Operation completed, Commanders will receive new rewards and develop new strategies to test against the Order of Nations.

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