Petroglyph's End of Nations is an MMORTS that's managed to catch our attention and stay on our radar. With an impressive showing at E3 2010, the game earned our Best Graphics Award. However, information since E3 has been a bit scarce, but Curse recently got the chance to preview the new map of Magadan. The contested area is a dynamic zone that players will constantly struggle to control as war rages across the area.

Like all the maps in End of Nations™, Magadan is a constant, dynamic "zone" as can be found in an MMO, and not a file loaded up for individual battles while players wait in a lobby. Battles rage throughout the map, which remains persistent as players join and leave at their leisure.
Players must join forces to make inroads into Order of Nations territory and disrupt their operation.

Check out the full article at Curse for more details and new screenshots.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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