Fallen Earth October "State of the Game" Details Combat Changes and New Rewards

By Stacy Jones -

Fallen Earth Producer Dave Haydysch recently posted his October "State of the Game" detailing some of the planned changes coming to the post-apocalyptic MMOG. The first iteration of combat change deployed to PTS this week, but that's only the start of the planned content changes. The faction system will also be getting a revamp along with some changes to the mutation system.

One thing that we never have enough of in MMOGs is room for our stuff and Haydysch drops a hint that more storage may soon be on the way as part of new additions to the Reward Store, which will encompass several items from player feedback. So you might want to save some of those points.

We are also going to be adding several requested items to the Rewards Store. To give you a taste of whatÂ’s to come, we are excited to tell you that more space will soon be available for all your wasteland scraps! We are taking great care in what we decide to offer as rewards items that can be redeemed with points.

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