Frogster Details New Runes of Magic "Limo Desert" Zone for Update 3.0.6

Limo Desert Tribes

Canine tribes are at war in new Runes of Magic zone.

Frogster has revealed more details about the newest Runes of Magic zone slated for release with update 3.0.6 in a new press release. The content update will add the "Limo Desert" zone, which will be broken down into nine sub-regions, one instance and an oasis settlement.

The desert is inhabited by tribes of Canine people, dog-like bipeds that exist in two different clans: the noble "Iron Teeth" and the rapacious "Rotteneyes" clans. The two were once allies but present day conflicts have the two tribes at odds and the conflict threatens to escalate to a full blown war. Check out the latest press release for more details.

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