New Rift FAQ Addresses Pre-Order Questions

By Stacy Jones -

With the announcement of Rift's official launch date this week came a lot of questions. To help address some of the questions relating to Rift pre-orders, Sr. Community Manager Cindy Abigale" Bowens set out to develop a Pre-order FAQ. The new FAQ answers questions relating to the head start program, beta access, pay methods and VIP pre-order beta keys.

Curious to know when your pre-order VIP beta key will arrive? According to the FAQ, if you pre-ordered your digital copy from Trion Worlds, your account is automatically flagged, but if you chose to order from one of the other retailers, a code that you can apply to your account should be sent out by those companies sometime in the future. Check out the full FAQ for more answers to your Rift pre-order questions.

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