Legends of Norrath: Trading Card Samples

So, Does a Full House Still Beat a Flush?
So, Does a Full House Still Beat a Flush?

At Sony Online Entertainment's Fan Faire last week, John Smedley addressed the gathered SOE fans and unveiled SOE's latest product, Legends of Norrath. Tying in with the MMOGs, Everquest and Everquest 2, Legends of Norrath will be an online trading card game that not only allows players to compete via the cards they unwrap from virtual packs, but it also disperses virtual loot to those same EQ and EQ2 players that they can use in their game world. As a preview to the release of the game, SOE has distributed a set of card sample images, and we've proudly displayed them for Ten Ton Hammer readers to view.

Check out the card samples here. Comment? Talk about it in our forum.

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