Always pushing the boundaries of vertical gameplay in MMORPGs, Red Five Studios is introducing jet-powered flight (an expansion of their unique gliding system).

Currently, the studio is offering a Twitter contest to promote this addition - and will be giving away a free Rocketeer pack (a $50 value) to one lucky winner.

To enter the contest all you need to have is an active twitter account and do the following:

          1) Add "#FFswag" to the beginning of your tweet.

          2) Use the remaining 133 characters to explain why you should receive the Rocketeer pack.

          3) That's it!

The contest will run from NOW until October 11th at 8AM  Pacific.

So chime in for your chance to take to the skies in Firefall with this awesome in-game item, for free!

For all the details check out the post on Firefall's official website.

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our Firefall Game Page.

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