Reloading... Special Delivery

Ben receives a rather... unique... parcel. Find out what's inside in today's Reloading...


Yesterday afternoon I received a delivery parcel. I wasn't expecting anything so it came as a surprise. I read the label and it was something from SOE. Could it be something cool like preview materials for a new game? Was it an early alpha version of PlanetSide 2? I unwrapped the parcel hurriedly, reached inside and grasped a soft cloth material. "Bleh," thought I, it's only a T-shirt. I pulled the fabric from its container, glanced down and immediately dropped what I had been holding.

It was a diaper. Yes, Sony Online Entertainment had sent me a diaper.

I picked up the envelope and peered inside to see if I could find some sort of explanation. Inside was a note:

"Dear Ben,

In anticipation of your first hands-on with PlanetSide 2 at E3 we'll expect you'll be needing this."

Well played, SOE. Well played.

- Benjamin J. de la Durantaye


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