Imagine the volumes
of lore that must get written early on in the development process of a
typical triple A MMOG. In many cases, the lore of a given setting
permeates nearly all aspects of gameplay, from the weapons or armor of
a given culture all the way up to the epic raid encounters that have
become synonymous with level capped gameplay. Now imagine writing a
novel that not only stays true to established lore of the IP, but then
also helps expand or advance it in meaningful ways. We’ll
take a look at two current examples of MMOG novelizations that attempt
to do exactly that along with links to an exclusive interview with CCP
on the upcoming Tyrannis expansion for EVE Online and much more today
in Loading… Once Upon a Time.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

About The Author

Reuben "Sardu" Waters has been writing professionally about the MMOG industry for eight years, and is the current Editor-in-Chief and Director of Development for Ten Ton Hammer.