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The second instance for Defiant players, Deepstrike Mine is found buried deep in Stonefield. One of the most bountiful lodes of sourcestone is contained within the mine, making it a highly contested prize. The mine is currently under the control of the Endless Court who plunder its riches in the efforts of returning Regulos to the plane of the living.


Group Configuration:

Deepstrike Mine is a pretty standard dungeon crawl and only requires a single tank and healer to complete. Having at least one form of reliable CC will make it much smoother and two will make it easy mode.


There are a ton of quests for DSM with most of them being available out of the dungeon, which is a bit of a departure from the previous instance; The Iron Tomb (players doing the saga quests will get sent back into IT eventually however). There are two quests available inside the entrance so even the rift and warfront levelers will have something to grab.

GregoriÂ’s Revelation

Starts: Granite Falls
From: Torin Fergal
Locate and read the journal once inside the mines.

The Foreman's Disgrace

Starts: Granite Falls
From: Torin Fergal

Locate and kill Overseer Markus.

Slaughtering the Butchers

Starts: Granite Falls
From: Emily Fergal

Locate and kill 4 Baneful Decapitators - [protip]Most groups will only kill 3 through standard pathing, so you may need to grab the fourth before you disband the group[/protip]

The Saga of the Endless: Endless Digging

Starts: Granite Falls
From: Emily Feral

Locate Kaspar inside the mine. Kaspar is one of the quest givers encountered as you first enter the zone, make sure to pick this up for free xp.

Stolen Source

Starts: Deepstrike Mine
From: Kaspar

Loot sourcestone from miners throughout the instance.

Reclaiming What's Ours

Starts: Deepstrike Mine
From: Asha Catari

Locate and disable the Eth Device. A wave style encounter that charges you with protecting the device as hordes of the undead assault you.


Overseer Markus


The first encounter in the dungeon is a alternating two phase encounter that starts out with four adds. Burn the adds on the initial pull while the tank spins the boss away from the group. Markus has a moderate frontal cone cleave that can be healed through, but its best to stay safe and keep his back to the party. At 50% life Markus splits into three shades that need to be burned down quickly. Killing the shades causes the boss to re-materialize and from there you can finish him off.

Gregori Krezlav

My wait is eternal.
Gregoria Krezlav awaits you high above the mine guarding the entrance to a small cave. This fight is also a two phase encounter involving adds. Due to the rather precarious location of the boss in relation to other patrolling mobs, it is best to tank him where he stands with DPS remaining near the initial point of entry. Krezlav periodically summons two types of adds, the first and most dangerous kind are the channelers. While the channelers are active the boss becomes immune to all damage. Ranged should burn these mobs down quickly while the tank maintains threat. Typically after the channelers are down he will then summon a minor undead called a Baneful Delver. The tank can usually solo this mob down and DPS should ignore it and focus on burning the boss.

Bonehew the Thunderer

Lets rock!
Bonehewer is the next encounter and the one that may seem the most daunting on the surface, but with proper positioning he will soon be rubble. Employing some rather annoying mechanics, Bonehew should always be tanked away from the ranged and healer and melee should always be at his back. Intermittently during the fight the boss will run to the opposite side of the room and cast an aoe knockback that travels in a straight line. By sidestepping this and maintaining proper distance, this fight becomes fairly simple.

Gatekeeper Kaleida

Are you the keymaster?
The final encounter of the zone, Gatekeeper Kaleida is an exercise in awareness. This fight will test the healer and tank the most, with DPS being called on to quickly re-target and burn down crystals. Kaleida hits like a truck and employs several abilities which can cause a ton of chaos during the encounter. The most important one is Fireblast because it does so much damage and most importantly, because it is easily interrupted. He also has a frontal cleave and a stun which will keep the tank on their toes. Adding to the mix are the periodic appearance of two crystals; fire and earth. Fire does a ton of AoE damage, while earth heals the boss if he is in range. The tank must be on top of his game and kite the boss away from the crystals without turning him to face the group and cleave a poor clothie who will already be at less than full due to the steady AoE inherit to the encounter. DPS will need to burn the crystals to make the tanks life easier and some latitude will need to be given to the tank as the boss seems to know exactly when to use that stun to keep himself near the crystal for as long as possible. Mind your positioning and make good use of cooldowns and this fight will be yours.

Deepstrike Mine is one of  my favorite instances due to its excellent ratio of boss encounters to trash, and for its relative brevity. It also is a great place to really hone your skills and master the mechanics of your class with its diverse encounters.

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