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King's Breach Guide


Nestled on a hilltop deep within Scarwood Reach, King's Breach is an instanced dungeon for players in the low to mid 30s. Rumored to be a secret entrance to the Dwarven Lord’s Hall, this zone is the backdrop for a massive war between the forces of life and death that illustrates and reinforces the overall theme of Scarwood Reach.  


Group Configuration:

King’s Breach may be the first instance where having a backup healer, such as a Chloromancer or a Bard, is actually necessary due to some unpredictable damage spikes on boss encounters. Cleric tanks are still viable here, but the added armor of a plate tank begins to pull ahead in this level range. Having one DPS with viable crowd control is a plus, but not a necessity for most groups – as long as DPS is strong enough to burn down trash quickly.


There are a ton of quests for DSM with most of them being available out of the dungeon, which is a bit of a departure from the previous instance; The Iron Tomb (players doing the saga quests will get sent back into IT eventually however). There are two quests available inside the entrance so even the rift and warfront levelers will have something to grab.

Protect The Breach

Starts: King's Breach
From: Given upon zoning in
Successfully vanquish the four boss encounters of the instance.

The Bombs of Life

Starts: King's Breach
From: Kaspar Massi (Defiant) or Sir Martyn Myrsol (Guardian)

Collect 3 Life Bombs

Strange Plots of the Aelfwar - Defiant Only

Starts: King's Breach
From: Asha Catari

Activate the Spirit Caller (provided), uncover Aria and Lythaniel and kill them.

The Prophecy of Nestor - Guardian Only

Starts: King's Breach
From: Marshall Kain

Locate and read the prophecy at Thedeor's Hilt


Hunter Suleng


The first encounter in the dungeon is a fairly straightforward, the real chore is in killing the three warders before the fight. Lifewardens on three platforms are preventing the boss from spawning inside the huge Life Rift that dominates the first part of the zone. Once these three are dead you can engage Suleng. Suleng has two mechanics in play; first is a frontal cleave, so the tank will want to face the mob away from the group (or towards the annoying pyromancer that won't stop running his yap). The second mechanic is random spawning of two adds that will place a stacking bleed debuff on their target. The tank should taunt the adds quickly and the DPS should focus them down, doing so will make this fight quick and relatively painless.


I whip my tail back and forth!
Next up is Ravalos, a hungry hungry basilisk. This fight has some spike damage, but it mostly a positioning encounter with a dispel component. Ravalos uses a frontal AoE, a targeted AoE, a tail whip and a tank stun. The tank will want to position the boss sideways in the middle of the room so that the rest of the group has plenty of room to attack from the side and move. There is no discernible pattern to the usage of the abilities so you will need to be flexible.  The frontal AoE is a 5 second stun that can be dispelled – if you are low on mana, you can skip it later in the fight as the tank should be sitting on a pretty solid threat lead. The targeted AoE slows players and places a DoT on them, so stay spread out and move away from the area after cast [protip] moving straight through the boss to the other side is an easy way to avoid the tail lash [/protip]. The third ability is a tail lash – so don’t stand behind him. The final ability is an unavoidable debuff on the tank that reduces mitigation and avoidance – so ramp up heals when this is in effect. Managing these abilities properly will make for a fairly easy kill.

Mondrach or Autoch

My other brother, Autoch
The third boss fight in King’s Breach is a bit of a tossup. Two death idols are the gatekeeper for this encounter and once defeated one of two angry manticore bosses will spawn; Mondrach or Autoch. There is some speculation that the order in which you kill the idols will determine which boss spawns – so I would recommend killing the one on the left. Both bosses are similar fights, however Autoch is much more healing intensive. Both should be tanked away from the group with the tanks back to a wall as they each have a frontal AoE and a knock-back component. Mondrach utilizes a spell based void bolt attack for his ungodly spike damage while Autoch randomly charges a party member and hits them with a bleed. Healers will need to be on the ball with this and having that backup healer we talked about earlier is priceless here. [protip] If you get Autoch, the tank should never leave their position to follow the boss after a charge – he will come back to you on his own [/protip].

Shadehorror Phantasm

The shadow knows
This encounter places a premium on quick DPS and the ability to move effectively. This is a two phase fight in which the boss will summon shades for each player and become immune while they are active. The tank should never grab the adds as they have a stacking damage ability that while fairly mild on its own can be overwhelming when its multiplied by 5. DPS should aggro the adds and quickly burn them down, either via AoE or focus fired single target, whichever best suits the groups composition. The tank want to keep the boss faced away from the group as his only real ability, Void Storm , is a channeled attack that DoTs it target and will fear everyone else who is facing him when the cast finishes. The tank will need to sidestep the cast and then resume attack. If the tank can master this relatively easy mechanic and the DPS can burn down the adds, this boss will die quickly.

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