Trion Teases New RIFT Dungeon

By Stacy Jones -

You may know some of the NPCÂ’s that will be making an appearance in RIFTÂ’s new upcoming 5-player Realm of Twisted Dreams dungeon if youÂ’ve been keeping up on the gameÂ’s lore. You may even remember Atrophinius, and just how moody he got when you deprived him of mead in the Realm of the Fey dungeon. All that aside, thereÂ’s no use crying over spilt mead now, and heÂ’s got a whole new problem to deal with now. Or should I say, you have a new problem to deal with?

A bit of unfortunate cosmic luck has created a nightmarish version of the Realm of the Fey (as if the original was a picture of safe haven of flowers and butterflies), where Atrophinius’ deepest fears seem to be taking form, and they aren’t of mead depravity. So you know what that means – you’re headed into this guy’s head to do a little...erm, fixing. You can read all about the dangerous (though somewhat comical) challenges waiting for players in the new dungeon on the RIFT website.

Source: Realm of Twisted Dreams Announcement

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