Rift Soul Overviews: The Chloromancer

The Chloromancer

The Chloromancer

Calling: Mage
Role: Healing/DPS
Primary Attribute: Int

One of the major strengths of Rift is its highly customizable soul system, and perhaps no other soul personifies those strengths quite as well as the Chloromancer. This Mage soul is adept at both dealing and healing damage with a unique playstyle that bases the amount of healing that is done by the amount of damage that is dealt.


  • In-demand soul
  • Highly versatile in groups
  • Little to no down time
  • Compliments other souls well


  • Lower overall damage than other mages
  • Trouble healing multiple targets
  • Lacks crowd control


The Chloromancer bridges the gap between healing and DPS by doing both at the same time, and while neither aspect may be as powerful as that of dedicated souls - both are formidable. Chloromancers are an excellent choice for harder content as they can still contribute to damage and provide an extra level of healing for the group to help reduce the primary healers stress level.  The Chloromancer is comfortable as either a primary or complimentary soul, with a high synergy level with nearly every other version of mage.

Solo Play

The idea of a mage who can heal by putting out massive damage is appealing, but there is a slight caveat with the Chloromancer; they canÂ’t directly heal themselves. Luckily in Rift, we donÂ’t need to have to be locked into a single spec or soul. Merging with a pet class soul can create an amazingly powerful build with almost no down time.

Group Play

Having mage DPS in a group is never a bad thing, having one that can also perform the role of healer is even better. Chloromancers can even perform as the main healer in a 5 player instance if needed. The true power of the soul is in its flexibility. The Chloromancer can also resurrect allies if enough points are invested into the tree.

Pairs Best With


While there are a couple of different pet souls to choose for the Chloro, the Elementalist tends to be the best choice among them. In addition to the free pet, the Elementalist soul increases overall survivability with a form of a self-heal and a damage shield. Spend at least 16 points in this tree for best results – including Encase and a second pet option.


The Warlock helps shore up the other glaring hole in the Chloromancers armor – the inability to heal themselves. In another nice bit of synergy, the self-healing brought to the table is done in the form of soul leaching that also deals damage to enemies. On top of healing, there are some excellent utility features to be found here – including fear, mana regen and a health buff. 16 points are also ideal to spend in the Warlock tree.

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