New Concept Art and Clothing Details Emerge for Shadowrun Online

Cliffhanger Productions serves up a short update for Shadowrun Online with a peek at some new concept art.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any news about Shadowrun Online following the conclusion of its successful Kickstarter campaign back in August. Recently, however, a new update emerged on the Shadowrun Universe website that offers a peek at a trio of concept images and a few details about the customization system for characters that will allow some flexibility with the clothing style by using a modular-based system.

“Functionally each item of armor has a number of slots which allows you to add stuff – like Kevlar Lining or Ballistic Plates for extra protection, smart circuitry to improve your hacking and many more. Some of these will carry some sort of trade-off – if you add lots of smartware or combat tech to your clothing you will be more vulnerable to hacking attacks, if you decide to go with lots of foci to boost your magical prowess, expect trouble because they will make you very noticeable to whatever the opposition has stalking the astral plane.”

Check out the rest of the blog and concept images on the Shadowrun Universe website.

Source: Shadowrun Online Developer Blog

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